Museum of Montmartre 2015

After an exhibition in Montmartre, in the famous Artists' paint shop (Atelier) of "Gen Paul" popular painter and friend of Picasso, Rafaëlle meets local artists and her talent and experience allows her to become a member of the "Circle of the Montmartian Painter's". She has the privilege , to be the only living Painter who has a painting on permanent display in Museum of Montmartre, Paris..

Museum of Montmartre

The museum is housed in buildings, which are three centuries old, the Hotel Demarne and the Maison du Bel Air. It was home to many famous artists and writers such as Renoir who painted his celebrated La Balançoire and Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette here in 1876. The museum also welcomed Suzanne Valadon and her son Maurice Utrillo as well as Raoul Dufy, Démétrios Galanis, Léon Bloy and Pierre Reverdy.

Rafaëlle Van Hulle

In the exhibition with her painting "stamps" - "Touluse-Lautrec"

2016 Belgium

10. December 2019
- 5. January 2020

2016 Belgium

8-18 December

2014 Tanger

2014 Tanger

Exhibition "Stamps of the World" (oil on canvas)

Art & Gourmet, 4, place du 9 Avril

Grand Socco, Tanger, Morocco

2011 Tanger

2009 Tanger

2012 Tanger

2008 Paris

2008 Tanger

2008 Paris

2008 Paris

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