Caroline Marie Rafaëlle Van Hulle

Caroline Marie Rafaëlle Van Hulle was born in Belgium.  She studied in Gent at "St-Lucas", where she obtained her diploma of: "Humanités Artistiques"

Rafaëlle began her career as a model which allows her to travel through many parts of the world for more than 10 years. This is the source of inspiration for her paintings.

Her passion is the technique of:  "Trompe l'oeil" so she returns to school again in Paris "I"IPEDEC" and "Les cours Renaissance" to further advance & master her techniques and skills.

With her new found ability and diplomas she starts as "Fresquiste" (Fresque"; painting directly on the wall also known as murals) working in Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Munich, Cairo for the next 10 years.

Back in Paris she settles down in the famous village of Artists, "Montmartre" where her exhibitions are rare, appreciated and acknowledged. As the "Old Techniques" of oil takes time, she is mainly only able to paint to order or commissions.

After travelling through Morocco, she falls in love with Tangier, where she often stays to paint Oriental local scenes.

She launched her first exhibition at the Minzah Palace in 2008.

As a child she admired the beauty of postage stamps and painted a series of more than 20. In Paris she continues to paint stamps coming from Countries she is familiar with.  To be sure to get them right she writes and posts cards to herself.

After an exhibition in Montmartre, in the famous Artists' paint shop (Atelier) of "Gen Paul" popular painter and friend of Picasso, Rafaëlle meets local artists and her talent and experience allows her to become a member of the "Circle of the Montmartian Painter's". She has the privilege , to be the only living Painter who has a painting on permanent display in Museum of Montmartre, Paris.

Rafaëlle currently operates from her workshops in Montmartre and Tangier and is preparing for another exhibition.


Musée de Montmartre, Paris

Musée de Montmartre, Paris